Heavy Duty Drill Chucks in the U.S.A.

A world famous drill chuck manufacture in U.S.A. has been manufactured the heavy duty drill chucks and sold them in U.S.A. market. The company, however, has stopped manufacturing all of their drill chucks in U.S.A., and has started manufacturing them in China. Their drill chucks made in China are not enough in quality.

We, YUKIWA SEIKO INC., have started manufacturing the drill chucks in Japan since 1951, and have continued the technological innovation under the sever quality control system for a long time. Then, our drill chucks are superior those of U.S.A. in quality, and have been used by the major electric power tool manufactures at present.

In the U.S.A. market, there are many drill chucks manufactured in various countries. We believe that none of them satisfy the requirement for “Heavy Duty” in U.S.A., except for our Drill Chucks.
We hope that our Drill Chucks are useful to your Machine Shops.

Drill Chucks
Industrial Keyed Drill Chucks

Keyed Drill Chucks for Portable Drills

Keyless Drill Chucks for Portable Drills

Chuck Keys
Industrial Keyless Drill Chucks

CNC Keyless Drill Chucks

Impact Keyless Chucks

Hammer Drill Chucks

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