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CNC Two-spindle Rotary Table

CNC Rotary Tables Index Tables

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CNC Two-spindle Rotary Table
YNC170-M2 Series
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CNC Rotary Table SNC series important announcement

CNC rotary tables

YNC170-M2 Series


CNC Two-spindle Rotary Table

High productivity

Two work-pieces can be machined simultaneously and cycle time can be shortened.

Light weight・Compact

Suitable for small-sized machining centers

High clamping torque

Air hydraulic clamping mechanism gives high clamping torque.

■ Accurate indexing ■ Outstanding water protection 
■ Easy jig designing  ■ Easy maintenance

Model Right Handed YNC170R-M2
Left Handed YNC170L-M2
Table diameter 170
Center height 160
Table faucet diameter 60H7 depth 10
Table center through hole diameter 45
Distance between table centers 250
Clamp system Air pressure (0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa)
Clamp torque (N・m) 260 (0.5MPa)
Indexing accuracy (Cumulative) Within 30 seconds
Allowable operation load (N) Vertical load 9,000
Horizontal load 3,000
Circumferential load 3,000
Allowable inertia moment per one axis (kg・m²) 0.25
Total reduction ratio 1/120
Maximum rotation (min-1) 25
Guide piece width 12h7
Weight (kg) 100

* Guide piece (2pcs), Fixtures (2sets), Air tube (5m) for table clamping are attached.
* Corresponding to Controller for CNC rotary table or to motor for additional axis.

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