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Direct Drive CNC Rotary Table

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Direct Drive CNC Rotary Table
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CNC Rotary Table SNC series important announcement

CNC rotary tables
YUKIWA Direct Drive CNC Rotary Table has achieved high speed rotation and zero backlash furnished with a built-in direct drive (DD) motor. This series is available for machining wide range of products such as parts for automobiles and IT related products, and greatly contributes to shorter production lead time and cost reductions for your production.

Exclusive for
Brother CNC Tapping Center TC-S2D, TC-S2DN and TC-R2B
Brother Compact Machining Center SPEEDIO
Yukiwa controller AC5-60A


High speed/high accuracy indexing

Furnished with a newly developed high speed/high torque direct drive motor, high speed indexing is possible, which will greatly contribute to reduction in the cycle time. In addition, a high resolution encoder is equipped as well, which enables high accuracy indexing.

Powerful/high-speed Clamp

This model boasts of high clamping force and is compatible with air pressure of 1MPa. In addition, the short clamping and unclamping time leads to reductions in the cycle time.

Easy Installation

Connection to Tapping Center is possible with one cable only. No fixture set is needed. Clamp control for the support side is easy as the air branch hole for clamping at the support side is furnished. A rotary joint
  Direct Drive CNC Rotary Table

■ Absolute detection   ■ Zero backlash   ■ Fine water-protection

For S300X1
For S500X1/S700X1
For S1000X1
For R450X1

For R650X1

For TC-S2C
For TC-R2B

For Yukiwa controller
DRC170-BPC51 (2 tables for double pallet)
DRC170-BPC51-1 (1 table for single pallet)
DRC170-BPC52 (2 tables for double pallet)
DRC170-BPC52-1 (1 table for single pallet)

DRC170-BQT5B (2 tables for double pallet)
DRC170-BQT5B-1 (1 table for single pallet)

Model DRC170
Mounting direction  Horizontal use only
Table diameter      (mm) 140 (*1)
Table faucet hole diameter       (mm) 50H7
Table center through hole dia. (mm) 46
Guide piece width      (mm) 14H7
Center height      (mm) 135
Product height (mm) 268
Product width (mm) 341
Product thickness (mm) 200
Minimum setting unit      (°) 0.001 (*2)
Indexing accuracy (cumulative) (sec) 15
Repeating accuracy (sec) 4
Rated rotation speed (min-1) 200 300
Allowable inertia moment (*3) (kg・m²) 0.50 0.25
Indexing time (*4)
90° 0.51 0.40
180° 0.58 0.46
360° 0.78 0.56
Table rotation torque      (Nm) 45
Air supply pressure      (MPa) 0.3~1
Clamp torque
Shutoff 100
at 0.3MPa 350
at 0.5MPa 600
at 1.0MPa 900
Clamp operating time (sec) 0.084 (*5)
Applicable servo amp model        QS1W05A (*6)
Product weight (kg) 76
ダイレクトドライブCNC円テーブル 外観寸法PDF

Fixture sets and air tubes are attached as standard accessories.
*1 Sub table φ170 can be supplied as an option.
*2 The encoder is battery-free and absolute detection. Resolution: 2,097,152 pulses (21bits), minimum detection unit: 0.62 sec.
*3 Allowable value for the load
*4 Including clamping/unclamping time
*5 Total time of clamping and unckamping.
*6 Manufactured by SANYODENKI Co. Ltd., Brother communication specifications, 50A.

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